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Most of you have heard of the Lourve and the Museum of Modern Art, but have you ever heard of MOBA? This is the Museum of Bad Art, a one-room gallery situated just outside the men's bathroom in the basement of a local movie theater on the _(1)_ of Boston. Since being established in fall of 1993, MOBA's _(2)_ has been to bring "art too bad to be ignored" to the widest of audiences.   In 1993, Scott Wilson, an antique dealer, _(3)_ a painting that was thrown out in the trash. _(4)_, he just wanted the frame, but after showing it to Jerry Reilly, they decided to keep it. They felt there was something so bad about it that it was good and _(5)_ the word among their fri ends to keep an eye out for more bad art. Pretty soon, their collection grew, and Wilson and Reilly established MOBA. Their first exhibition was held in Reilly's basement in March of 1994. _(6)_, their museum outgrew the space and was moved to the basement of the Dedham Community Theatre in Dedham Square, Massachusetts in 1995.   Today, MOBA is _(7)_ with a collection of almost 400 pieces of bad art, mostly acquired from sidewalk trash piles or for less than US$6.50 a piece. It has recently expanded to a second gallery in another theater's basement in Somerville. MOBA's curators are dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of bad art no matter _(8)_ bizarre, silly, or puzzling they are. However, they uphold rigorous standards about _(9)_ is accepted into their collection. They only collect pieces that were sincerely made but poorly executed. They don't want anything that is deliberately bad or just plain _(10)_. It just goes to show that one man's trash is truly another man's treasure.


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