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About the Two Kinds of Orthotics

by kellynell

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Do you have extreme foot pain due to a low arch on your foot? Is it tough for you to enjoy your beloved sport because of foot pain? If you can empathize with these concerns, then you may need the help of orthotics. In Texas, there are chiropractic clinics that specialize in orthotics.

Orthotics is a device which fits in a person's shoe to aid the foot. There are two main kinds of orthotics: functional orthotics and accommodative orthotics. Functional orthotics is inflexible and fashioned to control movement and correct foot function. Accommodative orthotics, on the other hand, is soft and designed to lessen pressure and prevent excess friction. Below is an explanation on the characteristics of both.

Functional Orthotics

The goal of functional orthotics is to control unusual motion, improve mechanics, reduce discomfort and give support, so it has to be rigid. Individuals with tendonitis, low arching feet, plantar fasciitis, or knee, hip and back disorders may benefit from functional orthotics. Assuming that the functional orthotic can endure the brunt of the individual's weight, regular movements like walking, standing, jogging and running will be more enjoyable.

The most popular material used in building a functional orthotic is polypropylene. Nevertheless other materials, such as graphite, can also be used. In some circumstances, functional orthotic molds made by hand are made of plaster. This was the traditional component used for orthotics before newer innovations made the process a lot less labor-intensive.

Accommodative Orthotics

Accommodative orthotics is made for diabetics and individuals who experience loss of circulation or feeling in their feet. These lower extremity disorders put the person at risk of having feet sores, also known as ulcerations. Accommodative orthotics protects against too much friction in certain areas of the feet, consequently avoiding any ulceration from occurring. Chiropractic clinics can offer therapeutic massage Midland TX customers prefer to boost blood circulation and address foot pain.

Accommodative orthotics offered by any sort of chiropractor Midland TX residents trust, are created from several types of material. These include foam, cork, natural leather or spongy material. The kind of component used is according to the person's particular foot condition. Sometimes two or more layers of material need to be used to further avoid contact between the foot and the shoes.

Podiatrists are the most common practitioners of orthotics, but Midland physical therapy experts, chiropractic practitioners and orthopedists can also supply orthotic services. You can search online for chiropractic centers that supply these and therapies for back pain, headache and even carpal tunnel syndrome. If you wish to learn more about orthotics, log on to

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