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Choosing and installing deer feeders

by anonymous

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Many people nowadays have developed the tendency of feeding deer that are actually one of the more exotic wildlife species. For this reason there are a variety of deer feeders available today. These feeders are a great boon to your lawn because you will be able to protect your gardens from damage caused by hungry deer and also give yourself the enjoyment of seeing deer feeding in your gardens.


These deer feeders come in different types but the most common are those with an automatic release. These feeders have been pre-programmed to release food on a regular basis thereby ensuring that the deer keep coming back for more. This method is important in protecting food from getting wet or spoilt since it is protected in the feeder. When feeding your deer with pellets you can get a specific feeder designed for that purpose.


Make sure that you place your deer feeders near a tree line so that the deer can feel protected by the trees. Also, when you decide to use your feeder for hunting purposes make sure you remove it from the area two weeks before hunting. It can be a hard task trying to prevent other animals from eating the food but thanks to there is a variety of deer feeders that are specifically made to prevent other animals from eating the food.


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