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Confronting Puberty Like a Boss: Benefits of Hair Removal

by elnorachamorro

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“Hi! I am Cholondra, 13 years of age from Salt Lake City. I want to put on a bikini to the beach but I notice that my pubic hair seems a bit uncomfortable. I don’t want to shave it because shaving might cause it to become thicker and darker, and I just want to get rid of the hair that might stick out of the swimsuit. What do I do?”

If Salt Lake City cosmetic surgeons had a portion in their site where individuals could send in concerns, this one would be incredibly typical. The majority of girls in their adolescence are very cognizant about the condition of their figures, especially the amount and location of hair. Hair on the top lip, hair on the forearms, legs that resemble Chewie’s--all these are significant problems, so what can you do regarding them?


Depilatories are those hair removal ointments you see when you head to pharmacies or supermarkets. They are readily offered, and they are made to react with the hair itself, allowing it to melt. You can then rub or wash the dissolved hair away. This is sometimes a bit untidy and smelly however, and several persons are hypersensitive to the cream.


Waxing means scattering tacky wax over the hair you desire to get rid of, applying a fabric strip on the wax, and swiftly pulling it off to take the hair with it. Though this can be pretty hurting, the majority of people prefer waxing considering that it retains the skin looking sleek. It is advisable to go to a waxing salon for your first time though. By doing this, you’d realize what to do when you decide to try out home waxing kits.


With electrolysis, an electrologist would place a probe right into your hair and sending an electric current through it; this eliminates the hair down to its roots. This is much like the notion of laser hair removal Salt Lake City physicians do. By assaulting the hair at its origins, this ensures that the hair won’t grow back in the near future. This can be a sluggish procedure, though, and is fairly costly.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Utah cosmetic surgeons conduct involves aiming a concentrated electromagnetic radiation at the hairs you don’t wish to increase. The laser slows down or ceases hair growth by assaulting the hair follicle. This procedure is fast, pain-free, and the outcomes continue for a long time.

Before going through Utah laser hair removal, or no matter which procedure you’ve decided on, you ought to first consult your doctor and your parents. They can guide you to the appropriate selection, and they can also enable you to pay for the treatment of your choice. For additional information, you can go to or

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