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what is voip

by Layandrew

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As days go by, the technology that used to thrill us and make our lives better becomes obsolete. They become replaced by something better and more improved. One such example is VoIP technology. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a revolutionary technology that converts analog audio signals (like your voice when you make a call) into a digital form called a "packet" and then transmits such packet over the Internet to reach the person on the other end of the call. There are different ways to access VoIP. The important thing to have is an Internet connection through which the calls will be made. If you want to use your regular phone with VoIP, you need to plug your phone into an analog converter and then establish a connection to the Internet. There are also phones available that are specifically meant to be plugged directly into your router to make the VoIP Calls. You call these IP Phones. Instead of regular RJ-11 phone connectors, these phones have RJ-45 Ethernet connectors. The best and simplest way to use VoIP is between two computers. With a microphone, speakers, software, a sound card and an Internet connection in your computer, you can setup and install the VoIP software in both the receiver and the sender's computers to establish a connection. The practical applications of VoIP actually have an impact on everyone who uses phones. Individuals, businesses and large-scale companies can take advantage of the benefits of using VoIP. The primary advantage is the reduction in cost when making your phone calls. With a regular analog or mobile call, every call has a corresponding cost because you're effectively using the cables of the phone companies to transmit your voice. With VoIP, you're practically using the service for free because your voice is simply being transmitted very much like any email or picture or video over the Internet. The only cost you may incur is your subscription to your Internet Service Provider. If your business currently has an analog system, it doesn't take much to upgrade it to a VoIP-enabled system. You may search the Internet for companies that can (1) inspect and evaluate your present system (2) recommend a good digital system to maximize your telephony connection (3) minimize your installation costs, and (4) provide IT support once the system is in place. Once you find what you're looking for, it'll only be a matter of time before you get to enjoy the benefits of VoIP.

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