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Dispelling Misconceptions about Laser Hair Removal

by tobifistcher

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Thinking that your hair will not grow again after undergoing a laser hair removal treatment can be a mistake-an affirmation of the biggest mistaken belief about the said process. To remain hair-free, laser hair removal patients may have to return for an additional session-normally after a year.

Laser hair removal operates via selective photothermolysis. During the operation, the laser ruins the melanin, the dark matter surrounding the follicle. The follicle is the area of the skin that grows the hair. Laser is directed to the follicle and does not affect the remaining skin, so it's unusual to feel any type of pain during the operation.

The reason for hair regrowth is not the inadequacy of the procedure but the fact that hair continues to grow in cycles. The affected hair follicles and melanin heal and hair roots reestablish themselves. At any particular time, about 80% of your hair develops, 10% begins to grow, and the remaining 10% falls out. This hair cycle calls for clients to undergo around 3 to 4 follow-up treatments before all the hair in the problem area ceases growing. These succeeding treatments are determined by the doctor according to hair regrowth on your subsequent visit.

Chemotherapy is an instance of a therapy where hair loss and hair growth can occur to a patient. When a person goes through chemotherapy, his/her hair falls out because the therapy kills the cells that trigger hair development. But when the chemotherapy cycle is completed, hair may start to grow once again over time or not depending on the dose of chemotherapy administered.

Both men and women can get any laser hair removal procedure done, but females account for most of the laser hair removal patients. This is normally done on areas of the body that a client no longer wants to perennially shave like the abdomen, bikini line, legs, chest, upper lip, arms, and underarms. Los Angeles laser hair removal experts confirm that the most difficult areas to treat are the back, legs and face since hair is dense in these areas.

Laser hair removal is the most reliable solution for hair growth problems. After several therapies, the hair growth cycle eventually slows down till such a time when you don't need as many therapies for the laser hair removal Los Angeles has to offer.

If you're searching for a specialist in laser hair removal in Los Angeles, you can try visiting online databases. Such sites also show fees for various laser hair removal procedures for your reference.

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