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Spiritual Healing Removes Toxic Emotions and Sickness

by liyo89

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Spiritual healing is intricately connected to natural healing. This connection has been seen numerous times throughout Scripture and through modern science. Unhealthy emotions are connected to our spiritual health. Our physical discomfort can act as a megaphone alerting us that our emotions and spiritual health are sick. Unhealthy emotions are considered toxic and scientific research shows that they break down the cellular structure and health of our tissues and organs. Spiritual Healingis an important component for physical healing.




There is a direct connection between experiencing spiritual healing and experiencing physical healing. Online Christian ministries provide insight into this important truth. Many individuals have been healed after a process of removing unhealthy emotions and aligning with positive emotions and the truths grounded in Christian faith. It is vitally important to recognize the detrimental effects of stress, anxiety, fear, addiction and the pain of abuse. The online Christian ministries act as a helping hand for individuals seeking a pathway to health and wholeness. Numerous testimonies are available online. Connect with onlineHealing Ministriesand utilize their many free resources as well as workbooks and seminars.




Science shows a connection between many diseases and stress, guilt and self-hatred. Biblical principles confirm science. Proverbs states, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Science shows a correlation between migraines, headaches, chronic back pain and repressed anger. Further evidence shows a correlation between autoimmune disease and the suppressed toxic emotions of guilt and self-hatred. Spiritual healing from toxic emotions and the hurt and pain of the past can result in the miraculous recovery of the body. Positive thinking alone is not the answer, it is important to also remove toxic emotions. This process is made easier through experts who provide biblical truths on the online Christian ministry site.

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