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Pedicab Advertising is a Way to Promote your Brand

by lawrencehanks570

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It’s not the most natural way to travel, so chances are you won’t miss them when they cycle past you. They’re not like the buses, that are immediately identifiable as being part of London, not to mention the black cabs. New York has the bright yellow taxis, presumably so that you’re more likely to notice them when they are about to hit you - we’ve heard they are just a little bit mental over the pond. When we talk about Speedy Gonzales in London, we are are of course referring to the pedicabs of London. They are the mode of transport often deemed worthy of a go by tourists, drunkards and anyone else who has never before ridden on one of the pedicabs around the capital. They are all too often quickly condemned and considered too dangerous for public use, and we couldn’t disagree more. They are a great way to see the city, the sights, and get a feel for the London vibe. It can also save you from the mundane chit chat that may be associated with taxi drivers. Not to mention the extortionate prices for sitting in traffic. You’ve noticed the empty cycle lanes, right?

We’re here to set the record straight about these vehicles, before they too get banned from our capital (we only mention the ban because we’ve seen photographs of ravens or crows or some sort of bird of prey let loose in Trafalgar Square to help rid the pigeons before the summer Olympics). They are ridiculously safe, and a rather popular way of getting around town. The underground is so unbelievably stuffy that the last thing you want is to have dirty tube air permeating through your very being. But some fresh air, perhaps a quick ride down the Mall or through Hyde Park, and you’ve had a beautiful scenic ride around town.

Pedicab advertising is not the most obvious way to promote your brand, but with the uniqueness of the vehicles, you’re guaranteed to turn your heads when they wheel past you. They’re constantly in motion, so they reach an incredibly high target audience - more so than a stationary billboard. Couple that with the number of places you could advertise on a pedicab, and you’re met with a challenge that you’re more than happy to fulfill. Designing bubble covers for the part that keeps the riders dry, perhaps t-shirts for the drivers to wear? When you take the time to look at a pedicab, there is actually an abundance of space available for you to emblazon your company image on to. So we say grab a pencil, a pad, and start sketching! The pedicabs advertising industry is set to go through the roof, so get in whilst there is still a man-powered rickshaw for you to play with.


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