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Tax Software: Find Tax & Finance Software

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Tax Software 101

During tax season it is essential to choose the best accounting software to complete your taxes and maintain accurate financial records. Tax software continues to grow in popularity as users discover how simple it is to complete taxes with these programs. Finance software is also inexpensive when compared to hiring a professional to complete your taxes. To help you choose the best income tax software for your needs, below highlights some of the common features you can find in accounting software programs.

TurboTax Software

TurboTax software is designed to help users complete their taxes by guiding them through a step-by-step process. Several versions of TurboTax software are available, including the Deluxe, Premium, Home and Business editions. Depending on your income, you may even qualify for a free version of TurboTax accounting software. TurboTax software is available for state and federal taxes, and any filer using the basic edition or higher can file federal tax return forms online for free. TurboTax software also offers an opportunity to purchase tax audit defense through TaxResources, Inc. Plus, each version of TurboTax software offers free, live tax advice.

H&R Block Tax Software

H&R Block tax software versions include Basic, Deluxe, Premium and Business. Each version of this finance software guides you through all steps of tax preparation to help you get the maximum refund possible. Other features of H&R Block tax software include free filing, accuracy review to double-check for errors and an audit risk meter to reduce the chance of being audited.

The Deluxe version of finance software is recommended for homeowners and investors, while the Premium edition is accounting software created for self-employed individuals and rental property owners. Small business owners may want to choose the Premium & Business edition of this finance software. This version includes business expenses, non-profit returns and paperwork for corporations, S corporations, partnerships and LLCs.

Order finance software for tax and accounting assistance

Find the accounting software brands you trust at one of the many office supply retailers out there. Retailers carry a wide selection of income tax software that allows you to choose a program best tailored for your needs. Shop now to find what you need, whether you’re an individual new to filing taxes with a finance software program or a seasoned business owner looking for a more efficient tax software program. Retailers also often offer a variety of income tax forms needed to personally file all your taxes. Whatever your preferred method ensure you have all you need during tax season.


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