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Guidelines on Writing Academic Paper

by himaslendar

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Writing an academic paper is difficult. Do you want to become academic paper expert? Here
are some tips how to write good academic paper.

1. The Task Should Be Clear

Many school students during writing academic paper are lost in what the task is about, leading to both unnecessary research and useless first drafts. Before putting effort on academic paper, be sure about what you are writing (an essay, term paper, reaction paper, thesis or any other project).

2. Divide into Clear Sections

Always detach the body of your writing from logical sections to make it simple to read. No issue how good your job is, introducing it in a hard-to-digest format will water down any effect it creates.

3. Address by Third Person

Keep in mind; although you are writing the academic paper or research paper yourself, you cannot address to yourself as 'I' i.e. the 1st person approach. Everything has to be specified as if you are the 3rd person i.e. you would say, "The author explains this point as..."

4. Error Free Grammar and Powerful Writing

Nothing serious can be done to enhance the writing speed immediately. But you can rectify avoidable mistakes by practice. Always you visualize what you want to say before you write it down. Writing your academic paper through English grammar software show grammatical errors easily, along with identifying potentially misleading sentence constructions and incomplete ideas. The writing not only be grammatical error free but also powerful enough.

5. Use Professional Wordings

Be attentive that you are writing professional paper. So slang & social jargons should be avoided in academic writing.

6. Mention Referencing Style

Depending on the academy that you study and your project coordinator, you will be needed to quote reference using any one of the following referencing styles

  • APA:
    American Psychology Association
  • MLA:
    Modern Language Association
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
    Referencing Style

7. Specify the Sources

Even with the powerful ideas, academic writings will have a
hard time standing on its own two legs without stating quality sources. You'll
need to supplement your justifications with quotes and references that raise
its credibility.

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