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Choose Day Planners, Wall Calendars or Desk Calendars

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Discover the Calendar or Personal Organizer That Suits Your Organizational Style Best

Why not keep your own unique style while also keeping a schedule? When you’re looking for a calendar or personal organizer to keep you organized, be sure you find one that caters to your personal preferences. The more compatible the calendar is with your work, school or lifestyle, the more helpful it will be.

Academic calendars

Academic calendars are a great way for teachers, students and parents to plan throughout the school year. Teachers might consider dry erase academic calendars to write down class assignments from Monday to Friday. You can also find desktop calendars to keep notes and appointments in front of you. For parents, fill your academic calendar with vacation dates and school functions. Of course, students can take advantage of academic planners and calendars to keep track of assignment due dates.

Day planners

Whether traveling on business or just hopping between meetings, day planners provide the organization and note-keeping space you need in a compact product.Planners and organizers often have a monthly at-a-glance calendar to review your month, as well as a larger space for each day of the week. This allows users to fill out notes and appointments in more detail, making their day planners a source of organization and information. Some personal organizers also have a space to store business cards, take in-depth notes, record addresses or phone numbers and more. You can also keep everything you need on hand and protected with a personal organizer or day planner that zips closed.

Wall calendars

Wall calendars make it simple to view an entire month’s worth of appointments. Perfect for doctor’s offices, reception areas or your cubicle wall, you can find wall calendars with fun images to match your office décor. You might prefer wall calendars to day planners or personal organizers if you like to keep all your important dates at eye level. If this will help keep you organized, then a wall calendar may be right for you.

Desk calendars

Desk calendars provide ample room for scheduling and organizing while keeping information literally at your fingertips. Many offices choose to purchase them, since they can help keep desktops pristine and protected from scratches. Desk calendars are available as a pad or a base with refillable pages. Take advantage of the extra writing space with color-coded notes and appointment reminders. Since desk calendar pages are so large and not easily saved or transported, consider using wall calendars or day planners in addition to your desk calendar.

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