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Chapter 10: Discussing the change and variation of Yong Shen


Among the 12 earthly branch, the pure qi is denoted by Zi, Wu, Mao, You earthly branch, as there only hidden with an element beneath the branch. Shen, Yin, Si, Hai, is the "land of growth", beneath this branch hidden with the Qi that is in the state "Chang Sheng, Lu, and Huang". 10 heaven stem represents the five element, and these five element can be derived from the "land of growth". When Ying polarity is in the state of Chang Sheng,  Yang polarity will be at it's utmost limit, and Ying will birth, however, there are no true growth land for the "Ying" polarity. For instance, among Zi, Wu, Mao, You,  there does not has any element that is in the state of Chang Sheng.