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Email Response Management – A Customer service tool

by anonymous

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Customer loyalty can be build only when customers are satisfied.  Call centres no longer receives only call, email are also received by the agents in large numbers. And if a company has not yet adopted email response management technology, then the company could be losing customers.

Emails are the easiest gateway for a customer to get in touch with a company. Many person due to their hectic and busy schedules simply may not have the time to use the phone. They may simply put an email to the company because it’s easy or they enjoy doing it by expressing their thoughts and concerns without being misunderstood.

When a customer sends an email they expect that their queries or problem will be solved instantly. If a business doesn’t have an email system in place, there will be some risk in losing or deleting valuable client correspondences. This will not bode well with your customer.

Below are some benefits of a email response management:

  • Reduce response time
  • Customer receives instant updates
  • Agents  get more efficient, consistent information via the use of pre made response templates
  • Help to meet customer expectations by sending them instant response
  • Staff productivity increased by freeing them from manual handling of emails
  • Staffs receives instant updates whenever an email is processed
  • All logged emails will be processed according to pre-defined business workflow and escalation rules that the business has defined.
  •  All operations will be fully logged and reportable and enable the business to get meaningful statistics.
  • Custom web forms can be created to capture user feedback and other information

Companies should give importance to Email Response Management because it gives them the ability to manage and control their customer interaction effectively. The email response system will allow the company to read the customer emails and determine which action is to be taken next. Hence, the system gives the company the opportunity to recognise the customer problems and send a previously generated answer based on its queue of answers and frequently asked questions, and it will also forward the email to the appropriate employee or employees for further reference.

The above process will save the time for both the company and customer. Many times reply is send to customers by the Email Response Management system even before the concern is forwarded to the concern department. Or the customer gets general replies to their queries from the appropriate department in a short period of time. Even at times when the email response management don’t send instant reply to customer queries, it at least reduce the time by recognising where to send the query, forward the email to the concern department and allow them to work on the concern right away.


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