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Choosing SUP Gear

by corebansup

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Paddle boarding is the new buzz word for adventure sport enthusiasts looking for some adrenaline rush. The sport is fun, easy, and much simpler than kayaking or canoeing. All that you need are a few basic equipments and you are all set.

Stand Up Paddle Board : These are one of the most important equipments required for paddle boarding. Before choosing a paddle board, make sure that you have enough space to store these boards. Shorter boards are easier to carry and don’t occupy much space. The longer ones however, provide a great glide and are very good to cover long distances and are much faster. The entire SUP sport has grown into different niche, with special paddle boards that are designed to cater to these people. For instance, if you are looking to paddle board for a distance less than 3 kms in placid rivers, a short board is enough, but if you are planning an open water distance racing, a long board is ideal.

Paddle : A paddle is as important as the stand up paddle board. These have an angle in the shaft that allows for better comfort and greater efficiency. A paddle that is 6” to 8” taller than your height is ideal for you.

PDF : A personal floatation device is very important when you are going SUP. For those of us in the US, the US Coast Guard warrants the use of a PDF even if paddling in a navigable river.

Clothes and accessories: When paddling in cold waters a wet/ drysuit is very important, but when paddle boarding in normal water, regular clothes and shorts can be worn. Sun protection glasses and sunscreen lotions are a must.

When looking for the perfect stand up paddle boards, Coreban, emerges as the winner. The core team of the company consists of international athletes who take pride in designing quality and standard stand up paddle boarding gear.

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