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High Quality Akoya Pearl Necklace

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Akoya pearls are the true image of class and sophistication, as well as elegance. A traditional white strand of perfectly round Akoya pearls, all the same size, makes the perfect gift to show you care . Akoya pearls are characterized by being perfectly round in shape and of smaller sizes than most other pearls. These pearls are also thought to be of very high quality. Akoya pearlsgenerally come in a creamy color but can be altered most commonly, to create colors such as black and emerald greet.

At Aloha Pearls, we pride ourselves in selecting top quality pearls, with little blemishes on the outer surface. Each of our necklaces is strung on silk thread and individually knotted, to ensure that incase your strand happens to break, the pearls will not be lost. For a classic look, select a same size black or white stand of eight millimeters or for something a little less traditional, choose and ascending pearl necklace , where the pearls being small at the edge of the clasp and get bigger as they go.

The biggest pearl will end up being in the middle of the necklace, offering a unique look. At Aloha Pearls, the quality of our necklaces is of the highest possible. The pearls in our necklaces are perfectly put together to create a harmonious look. As a final product, our strands can be either a uniform size or in an ascendant size of pearls. Aloha Pearls carries everything from strands to rings, earrings, and other accessories that will complement your strand. Visit our website, to find your perfect Akoya necklace. Our website is easy to follow and the owner can be contacted directly with questions or concerns. We are also available to custom design anything you do not see on our website. With pearls the options are endless, so take a look at our merchandise and discover some of the possibilities.

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