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You need the best turf aeration system

by Editor123

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Aeration occupies the bulk of the problems for the commercial farm owner. It all boils down to getting the right quantity of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the plants whether you are managing a turf or pasture land and a field for sowing of crops, cotton, corn and others. For any kind of microbial activity to be sustained and for the health and vigor of the turf grass, you need the most essential ingredient that is air. Since air cannot reach the roots on its own, you need a carrier and, in this case, it is the water. Water management is, therefore, probably the biggest activity of all turf managers. So, firstly you need the right kind of aerator to clear the path of infiltration of water. Then this having been achieved, you would need another aerator that would be able to maintain the percolation rate.

There are professional producers of sophisticated systems of aerators. These aerators have been designed specifically for the role that has been assigned to them individually. Therefore, firstly there is an aerator that would remove the compaction that is the biggest hurdle to the infiltration of water. Compaction is one of the perpetual headaches of the farm owner, since any form of movement on the turf can bring about compaction and this could be the movement of golf cars or mowers and any kind of traffic and even the occasional shower. The special type of aerator for removal of compaction has technically designed set of shatter tines that would be able to provide the turf manager with a tool that would permit play without interruptions. These shatter tines can break down the layers of compaction right down to a depth of more than 7 inches.

The aerator for turf management would, thereafter, need another kind of tines for establishing the percolation rate and this process is called venting. This aerator uses Sportstine for the fairways/tees/playing fields and Finetine for the greens and the approaches. In case of thatch management, the Super Finetine could be used as well as the coring tine for topdressing or dethatching.

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