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CNC Turning & Metrology : A Brief Discussion

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Farms which produce engineering products including big sized machineries or small parts – need to have tools which can produce products having accurate dimensions and measurements. The following article will help you to have a basic idea about two of the majorly used tools in one such farm.

CNC Turning:

Precision is the final term for mechanical engineering filed. Every small and big part of a machine has to be devised with utmost precision. Even a small single part of a machine carrying wrong measurements can ruin the architecture of the whole machine. To give every mechanical piece the right kind of structure and dimension CNC (computer numeric controlled) turning is regarded as important as well as necessary equipment.

CNC turning is utilized in producing pulleys, shafts, bushes, rods and hubs giving them the exact measurements and precisions. These small parts are produced according to their field of usages and the customized requirements the industries have. The lathe of a CNC turning machine cuts the required shape of a mechanical part accurately. It also gives an outline to the circumference of the object.

CNC turning is a computerized machine which can speed up the entire process of cutting and shaping mechanical parts. Be it a big object or smaller one, this machine can cut and shape any tool with ease. The cutting tool of a CNC turning machine is applied parallel most of the time or at the right angle of the axis of an object which help it to give accurate results.


Metrology is known as the science of measurement which includes the theoretical as well as practical aspects of measurements. To meet the technically and economically competitive manufacturing goals, there are companies that have defined the metrology standards and procedures depending upon the current industry norms. International measurements are generally followed, while sometimes customization can also be needed according to the individualistic needs.

Dynamic control plans or dimensional control plans are also included in the industrial metrology standards. Metrology is a science that helps a manufacturing institute to produce objects accurately despite the presence of hostile conditions like dust, vibration and temperature.

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