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IT Job Recruiters – The Truth

by anonymous

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You need to learn the truth about job recruiters in IT if you are an information technology professional looking for a job. Nowadays those searching for jobs in the field of IT are faced with a very competitive environment. This competitive edge is needed because organisations now focus on connecting individuals with companies. This is exactly the competitive edge needed to obtain a dream job. Recruiters in IT (also called employment agencies) help people find quality and promising jobs that match the profile, interests, skills and personality of their clients. On the other hand, they are also helping companies find qualified candidates for their job openings. They help the companies find the candidates with the required set of skills for their openings. Before you apply to a recruitment agency or directly to any company offering you jobs, you need to exactly know what these recruiters are looking for in a candidate.

Job recruiters search for candidates who have aligned their skills and experience according to the description of the job they are offering. Whenever looking out for IT jobs, a candidate who is well prepared for the job will be trying to align himself line-by-line with the description of the job. He has focused on bringing out specific examples for demonstrating his ability and skills for each requirement and responsibility of the job.  Job recruiters also expect that the candidate will not be assuming the job description as being accurate and exhaustive. This is why you need to ensure that you have the exact requirements for the job. At times the job that has been posted may be outdated. It could be just a template that has not been fully customised by the hiring department.

The job recruiters finding IT jobs are not paid for 'helping' their clients, they are on the contrary hired by companies to find the right professionals; in other words they are paid on results.. However, they receive a large number of job applicants and they have to select the most appropriate few. Job recruiters are typically looking for CVs and resumes that stand out from the crowd.

Recruiters find it much easier to place candidates in positions who are already currently employed. So this can be a problem for those who are currently unemployed. They are still placeable but individuals need to be extra careful if being approached by recruiters after they have remained unemployed for more than three months.

Some recruiters can also market your CV to obtain new contracts. This implies that it is not necessary for you to be hired. Your CV will be passed on throughout the IT industry and this can result in your resume being saturated without strategy. You need to protect your own brand.

So there are many things that recruiters look for in your resume. Be sure to make changes every now and then whenever you apply for an IT job. These changes must be made according to the requirements of that particular company where you are applying.

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