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How Treatment Centers Can Lead to Healing

by anonymous

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Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to addictions and treatment becomes necessary to get them back on the right track in life. Treatment centers are great places to this treatment, whether it is for substance abuse or whether it is a social or behavioral addiction. These treatments are intended to change the addict's behavior and can take place in various places, with different methods, and for varying lengths of time, depending on the type of addiction that the person has.

Because dependence on these addictions takes place over long periods of time, it takes more than one treatment for healing to take place. The right treatment varies depending on the factors that are involved in the addiction and just because the particular treatment worked for one person, does not mean that it will work for the next one. Any program's success depends on how they are able to enter society effectively and stay substance free when the program is complete.

The substance abuse treatments used depend on the type of addiction. These include:

• Detoxification, which puts the patient through withdrawals from their choice drug through the use of various medications;

• Outpatient drug free programs that use education and group counseling;

• Short term and long term treatment in a facility, which often follow a 12-step method and sometimes require 24 hour care by medical personnel;

• Hospital stays where the patient receives counseling and medical care during the day and go home at night; and

• Narcotic Agonist Treatment programs, an outpatient program which is used for people who are addicted to opiates.

Substance abuse is not the only addiction, but there are also behavioral addictions such as sexual addictions, gambling addictions, and eating disorders. These will usually require a different form of treatment. And your problems do not stop upon the realization that you have an eating disorder. Sure enough, after you recognize that you are overweight, you will most probably try a variety of approaches to lose the extra weight. But since you have an eating disorder, chances are, you will fail with most weight loss methods. And feeling frustrated, you begin to console yourself by letting eating compulsions take over reason. It is a vicious cycle and it could be difficult to get out.

• Sexual addiction is best treated by getting to the base of the issues and helps the addict gain control over the compulsive behavior that comes with it. Combining treatments for both of these issues will give the addict an advantage, but will not necessarily guarantee success.

• Gambling addiction often goes hand in hand with substance abuse so treatment may be needed for both problems. To find the right program, you need to do research into all the different types of treatment centers.

• Eating disorders occur when either a man or woman has self esteem issues that are looks related. This dissatisfaction results in either bulimia, where you binge then purge yourself, or anorexia, where you starve yourself. Your body then gets used to this behavior and you cannot change it without treatment. Millions of people around the world are affected by it and treatments involve helping the addict think differently about their food.



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