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How to Treat Discharge of Semen with Urine?

by paytonpolking

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Ejaculation of semen is the culmination of a sexual act, and it provides immense pleasure. It is a priceless possession, and should not be wasted. When one discharges semen with urine there is something wrong with him. When one notices a slippery drop oozing out of the genitals, penis or vagina, just before the coming out of urine or at the end of it, it is a case of discharge of semen with urine. The drops are thick, whitish, and sticky. It is a sexual disorder requiring treatment as it can lead to serious sex related complications.

The causes of involuntary discharge of semen with urine without sexual stimulation and erection are excessive masturbation, fantasies, erotic thoughts, literature, videos, and other kinds of arousals. Consumption of harmful drugs, medicines, and alcohol is also conducive to this kind of disorder. The arousals due to whatever reasons cause pituitary gland to produce semen which is not ejaculated. Since there is no place to restore the semen so produced, it oozes out of the penis or the vagina along with urine.

First thing that one can do to cure this order is; stop getting aroused unnecessarily. Other steps that one can take to cure the disease naturally include adopting healthy lifestyle, have nutritious diet, and exercise regularly. There are several medicines in the forms of pills and capsules available in the market, but they are all either totally ineffective or cause momentary effects. They contain artificial or synthetic substances as their ingredients that are harmful to the overall well being of a person. Hence, one can safely use NF Cure capsule and Shilajit capsule to get rid of the problem of semen discharge with urine. NF Cure capsule has such herbs as its ingredients as Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shilajit, Lauh Bhasm, Safed Musli, Pipal, and Laung to name just a few. These herbs are highly effective in curing all sex related disorders including discharge of semen with urine.

Shilajit capsule contains pure Shilajit 500 mg, and it reduces tension and stress. It actually takes care of psychological aspects of the problem. Both the capsules effectively increase blood circulation in the genitals, strengthen body muscles including the pelvic muscles, and enhance immunity of the body. They enhance secretion of testosterone, and strengthen genital nerves that become strong enough to hold semen. Each of the capsules taken twice a day for three to four months provides the best of results.

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