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Bathrooms And Breakrooms: What Do Our Employees Need?

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Well-designed staff areas, such as break rooms and washrooms, offer a comfortable haven for office workers to relax and take a breather from their hectic schedules. An attractive breakroom is not only conducive to healthy work relationships, but it also serves as an informal meeting room for staff training seminars and presentations. The ideal breakroom is comfortable, inviting and relaxing.

Unfortunately, many times areas such as breakrooms and restrooms get overlooked when designing a commercial building. Yet, with a little bit of planning and employee input, a Minnesota real estate company can easily create a space that will act as the heart of the workplace.

By including breakroom and restroom design into the overall planning agenda, you can be sure to get the best out of your new construction or remodeling. Take your employees' needs into consideration when drawing up a blueprint - size, facilities, design, etc. A reliable Minnesota general contracting firm can advise you on these issues, as well as the local building and health codes including ADA-compliance recommendations.

Designing A Comfortable Breakroom

Lighting is a key element when designing an attractive staff area. Bright sunlight areas feel cheery and invigorating, and Minnesota construction companies advise ample window space to let in the maximum amount of natural light. If the building design rules out windows, use light bulbs to replicate the sunlight effect in the area.

Be sure not to use fluorescent lighting, as it has actually been proven to be unhealthy for people in long-term settings. One example of creative use of lighting is to ask a Minnesota general contracting firm to install lighting sources in such a way that they produce pools of lighting at comfortable intervals to create cozy conversation areas.

Comfortable flooring, proper wiring and adequate storage space are similarly important elements. Suitable flooring options include engineered wood flooring and carpet tiles. An adequate number of plug points conveniently located throughout the room will make it easier for all your employees to charge their laptops, iPods and other devices without any delay or hassle.

A Minnesota general contractor can advise you on storage options. Attractive shelving as well as multi-purpose storage spaces will ensure that there is adequate room for magazines, books and other reading material as well as personal belongings. Consider building an efficient kitchen area with a small sink. Most offices these days have a refrigerator, a microwave and basic kitchen supplies in addition to the traditional coffeemaker.

The Perfect Restroom

Office restrooms are high traffic areas that will go through plenty of use, and the fixtures and materials need to be hardy as well as easy to clean and maintain. Consider solid-surface counters with under-mounted sinks that are easy to clean for the restroom washstands. Such counters do not have a raised lip so the problem of loose or stained caulking can be avoided. Think about having a larger ledge or even second counter in the women's bathrooms for the convenience of your female employees. A good Minnesota building contractor will be able to give more detailed advice on other practical design considerations.

The bathroom stall needs to be set up in such a way that all workers, including those with special needs such as those who are handicapped, are able to use the facilities. At least one stall should be made accessible to those with disabilities. Choose doors that swing out with latches that are easy to operate for everyone.

Taking the time to work out a good breakroom and restroom design will ensure that you find yourself with attractive staff areas that combine convenience, style and practicality without exceeding your design budget.



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