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What is the Best French Food?

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If you love French food then you probably heard of French foie gras. According to food experts, the foie grasis hard to find abroard. There are only few food shops that offer this product because there are some issues regarding this. In the US, the production of foie gras was banned in July 2012. But producers of the said product in South California protested the decision, stating that it was vaguely worded and it interferes with the interstate commerce. The producers of this item were successful in lifting the ban.

Want to know more about French Foie Gras

For those who are not aware what this product is, it is the French term for fatty liver. It is a disease of a goose or duck caused by force feeding. This is one of the reasons why there are some groups who are protesting the use of this in French food products. There are lots of food preparations in French that contain this product, however due to its difficulty in producing the item the cost of this is not cheap at all.

Most of the best French food contains French foie gras because they believe that it has some nutritional benefits. According to experts it is low in bad fats and its good fat content is high. It is also as healthy as any other meat. But you need to remember that is should be eaten with moderation.

The fatty liver of the geese or duck will taste great if you add the best butter in Australia. There are lots great ideas where you can combine and add this product to make your food taste really good. If you combine the best butter in Australia and this French food and incorporate some spices, it will taste really good.

Where to Find the Best French Food?

French cooks do it better, without a doubt they are the best when it comes to foie gras. They make it luxurious and soft. They are not just a lover of geese or duck fatty liver but true connoisseurs. They took several years to perfect it, and thanks to the modern technologies such as flash-freezing, people can enjoy the fresh French fatty liver across the Atlantic. You can choose from several recipes, from terrines to blocks studded, you can enjoy this duck fatty liver in its multiple and delicious culinary reincarnations. If you have the chance to taste this food make sure that you grab that opportunity for not all will be able to taste it.



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