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The newest bidet is a seat

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A bidet has been a feature in European bathrooms for years; they are now beginning to become popular in the US. A bidet is a standalone bathroom fixture which is normally installed in very close proximity to the toilet; it is used to wash the genital area and is seen as an effective way to eliminate the need and expense of toilet paper. To keep up with the popularity, there are companies which have developed a replacement for the standard toilet seat, making it a rather simple matter to have the benefits of a bidet without having to renovate the bathroom. The devices are bidet seats and there are a wide variety of different ones both by manufacturer and features.


All the bidet seats have a certain number of basic functions; these include warm water, nozzles which are designed for both posterior and anterior washing and a warm air dryer. The seats are molded in either a traditional round design or the more modern elongated design and are produced from anti microbial plastic. Depending on the manufacturer, the controls are either built into the seat or are imbedded in a remote control device.


The prices of the bidet seats are indicative of the features; they can go from less than $300 to well over $1000. Those at the high end include a heated seat ring, a integral water filter and are self cleaning. There are some seats that are very sophisticated, they have water streams which will pulsate, rotate and oscillate and the water temperature can be easily controlled. They are available in different shapes and sizes, included one suitable for children and another which includes a built in lift as an aid to those who have mobility difficulties. As not all functions are applicable to all people it is possible to predetermine which functions will be available based on the weight of the individual using the seat.


There are many different designs available but there are only a few issues that are mandatory. The proper shape must be purchased, either round or elongated and the correct size in both width and length is a must. As they all require electricity for the heaters and other features, an electrical outlet must be close by the toilet.


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