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The Benefits of Using Manrammer Small Natural Sex Toys for W

by adultmart

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These days a sex toy hidden in a bedside drawer doesn’t surprise people anymore. It’s very much a woman’s prerogative to seek sensual enjoyment from a vibrator or a dildo any time she wants. Women use these when they’re not dating someone and when they can’t find the same pleasure from their current partners. Like the tampon and feminine wash, that shiny phallus-like object has become an important item in a woman’s personal belongings. But, what do women get from using these Manrammer Small Natural Sex Toys? According to health articles and news reports, there seems to be plenty of reasons for a woman to enjoy these gadgets.


Medical Equipment to Treat Female Hysteria


Originally, the sex toy was invented by a doctor as a way for women to treat “female hysteria” on their own. Before the first vibrator was created, women sought the help of doctors to bring them to hysterical paroxysm through vigorous pelvic massage. Back then, people didn’t understand what happens to women’s genitalia when sexually aroused and what female orgasm feels like. With the widespread malady attacking not only married women, but also young ladies and occasionally prostitutes, a physician designed a medical equipment - the vibrator - to give all the ladies relief without visiting their doctor.



In effect, the first benefit of using a sex toy is to bring a woman to orgasm in the privacy of her own bedroom. Doctors were mostly men during the 18th and 19th centuries and this didn’t sit well with the woman’s husband, father, brother, or betrothed. With her own vibrator in hand, she won’t be seen going in and out of a doctor’s office and avoid the vicious backlash from society’s worst gossips.


Positive Attitudes towards Sex and Female Bodies


Of course, modern medical research has proven that female orgasm is as important as male ejaculation in keeping our reproductive organs functional and clean. Moreover, women who experience orgasms often have a more energetic and positive predisposition to life. This belief was reflected in a 2008 study on sexual enhancement products by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion wherein more than 3,000 men and women participated. In short, those women who frequently used a sex toy also reported less pain during sex, higher levels of arousal and vaginal lubrication, and generally positive feelings towards sex and their bodies.



Other studies into sexual enhancement products and the role they play in relationships also showed women who use them alone were likely to use them with a partner. These women also reported they can reach orgasm more quickly and stay in that higher state of arousal far longer than women who didn’t have regular self-stimulation. In addition, the use of a sex toy could help women who have thinning vaginal walls or who have had nerve damage in their genital area achieve sexual pleasure. As enumerated by gynecologists and sexual health experts, other benefits of using Manrammer Small Natural Sex Toys include greater control over your sexual needs, a boost in self-confidence, and heightened awareness of your erogenous zones.


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