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Bringing Pride & Solidarity With Football & Lacrosse Uniform

by jenninestalder

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Community sporting events may be conducted in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie, but this does not take away from the competitiveness of the teams and the fans involved. Community football is a favorite event in many parts of the United States. On the other hand, lacrosse is widely played among Canadian neighborhoods, the game being the country's national sport.

The desire to win and to represent their groups well is evident among the players at these events. While practice and preparation are undoubtedly necessary to come up with a good performance, teams also need to bring out their respective players' team pride and solidarity by choosing the right uniforms. Understandably, many of these players will settle for no less than high-quality custom football uniforms and lacrosse uniforms.

Designing Uniforms

Among other things, uniforms should help make a team stand out from the rest. To achieve this, the colors, design accents, and logos have to be carefully planned such that they are distinct from those of other teams'. Color schemes, in particular, need special attention as duplication or close similarities with another team's uniform can happen all too easily.

Uniforms for Different Weather Conditions

Players on the field need to have comfortable clothing so they do not get distracted from their game. If the weather gets unexpectedly cold, warmer uniforms such as sports pants or long-sleeved undershirts would be preferable. The material to be used for the uniforms should also be appropriate for the weather conditions during each games.

Alternate Uniform Sets

Sometimes, a team may have games that come only a few days apart from each other, making it difficult to wear the same uniform. This calls for alternate uniform sets that players can use for games in quick succession. Typically, the color scheme of the alternate uniform is the reverse of that of the primary uniform.

Personalizing Uniforms

Personalized lacrosse uniforms and football uniforms can make a player feel special. By putting the team member's name and number on their uniform, the player can proudly identify with a specific sports team. If you want to read more about designing a team uniform, check out

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