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Tips for maintaining and cleaning hardwood flooring

by swethar

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Carpet aficionados have an alternative finally with the growing trend of hardwood flooring. While more than 20 million homes in the US have hardwood floor today, the 60% of these are sobbing over some kind of irrevocable damage to the floor over the years. Experts suggest numerous forms of treatment to take care of hardwood wood flooring yet with the best of maintenance, it is only the lifetime of the floor you are increasing. Wooden floors will damage at some point of time, you can only make sure that it doesn’t look bad till you are alive!

Now what do we mean by damage to wood floors? It can take the form of fading in heavily used areas or cracking and extensive wrapping in moisture concentrated areas. Popular treatment with power sanding or waxing ensures a quality and aesthetic looking floor that provides a safe place for pets and kids to roll around! Typically, choice of wood floor cleaning products depends upon the finish type, extent of damage, exposure to elements and wood grain.

Following the simple but regular maintenance techniques will limit damages and ensure that wooded floors look their best. The first and foremost cleaning method will be regular sweeping. This will prevent soot from seeping into the wood and experts will further recommend a dry mop instead of a saturated one. Water in any form tends to expand the wood grain and eventually wrap the floor. To avoid the denting, one may also switch to vacuum cleaning with brush attachments.

It is also sometimes essential to contact a specialist about the laminate floor cleaning products that could be used in your homes. While cleanser treatment is essential, it is also important to note the chemical ingredient in the product and weather it will eventually cause any damage to the surface. Most laminate floors are coated with polyurethane which is sort of a durable plastic coating. However, using toxic chemical agents will wear out this coating. Most hardwood floors nowadays are wear resistant even when the coat has been damaged. Wood floor cleaning products that contain acetone based agents will be effective in removing varnish and lacquer. But floors sealed with oil and wax products may need use of a machine buffer once in a while.

As a general form of treatment, experts will recommend oil based waxes and soaps which go especially fine with polyurethane treated floors. Oil based sprays also have the disadvantage of attracting unwanted film and cause a slippery floor. Instead a more neutral pH cleaner will be sufficient for all regular wood floors. Some professionals will even recommend a light treatment of the floors.

Replacement becomes mandatory if damage to wooden floors gets too extensive as the risk of accidents and injuries increase. While carpeting will certainly keep away much of dirt, it will not provide the raw charm of a wooden finish. Check out the various wood floor cleaning products and suit treat your floor with luxury.

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