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Choosing the Right Indianapolis Garage Doors

by adviandrey

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Larger custom Indianapolis Garage Doors are available, standard entry doors are 1 3/4 inch thick and 80 inches high. Although codes permit using 32-inch-wide doors (2-8), for easy entry and for access when moving furniture or appliances, main entry doors are usually 36 inches wide (3-0). The minimum width for other exterior doors is 30 inches (2-6), but these narrow doors do not provide access for the handicapped, and will prove frustrating when you must try to carry packages or move other objects through them.

Depending on the climate, the entry door may be a wood door with a screen door or combination storm/screen door on the outside. If the house is air-conditioned during warm weather, and the door is not left open for ventilation, carved wood doors with no screen or storm doors provide good curb appeal. For a greater impact, double entry doors can be used, or install a single door with sidelight windows at one or both sides. For a weather seal on double entry doors, a T-shaped wood molding, called an astragal, is installed in the gap between the doors.

Exterior Door Sizes

For best access, Indianapolis Garage Doors should be at least 32 inches wide (2-8), with 36-inch (3-0) doors preferred.  When finished with ordinary varnishes, exterior wood doors are subject to fading and weather degradation. If homeowner wants to show of the wood grain in the door, finish it with an exterior transparent stain. If homeowner likes the bright look or sheen of varnish, use spar varnish (used on boats) or a similar exterior product for better durability. Entry doors that are sheltered last longer than doors subjected to direct rain and sunlight. Consider adding a porch or awning to protect wood doors from the weather. Because higher efficiency became a priority during the energy crisis, steel and fiberglass doors are injected with a core of foam insulation. Magnetic weather stripping reduces air infiltration, so steel entry doors are now more energy efficient than the old door/storm door combination. These efficient doors are a great advantage when installed in tight spaces where an additional storm door would be awkward, such as the entry door between the house and an attached garage, where the steel door also provides a fire barrier between the garage and the house. To avoid the appearance of a metal flush or slab door, steel doors can have added moldings or be painted or stained with a wood-graining tool to resemble wood doors. Buy the wood-graining tool and finish at the home center or paint store. Directions for wood graining are supplied with the tool. Practice on a scrap of plywood until homeowner master the wood-graining techniques.

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