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Defend Against Contempt Of Court for Child Support

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When the court orders an amount of child support that is obligatory for you, the non-custodial parent to pay, you have to follow this order, or, make the very best “document” order that you can, to avoid contempt. Failing to follow the order can lead to contempt of court for child support; which is also defined as a willful violation of a court order. Contempt of court for child support that is unpaid can result in serious repercussions such as:

1.     You can be summoned to court and forced to explain why you have not been able to your child support. You will have to prove why you’re not willfully in violation of the order. If you don’t have solid reasons, contempt will be levied against you. 

2.     Legal authorities can contact you and make you pay unpaid amount to the parent holding custody of your child.

3.     You can be sentenced to spend time in jail because of contempt of court for child support arrearages.

All of these repercussions can be avoided if you make timely payments; however, negotiating with the ex-spouse maybe worth an attempt.

In a divorce situation, many of you can save money by not retaining a lawyer and opting for a do it yourself divorce. A lot of savings can be spent on avoiding contempt of court for child support arrearages instead of lawyer’s fees. Do it yourself divorce can save you from making unnecessary payments which will help you over a rough financial period. You never know when rough financial times will hit.

You can seek the help from family and friends, as well as, a divorce attorney; however, one of the best and most effective ways for Fathers Rights is opting for a do it yourself divorce. This applies to the process of legal separation as well. Do it yourself divorce requires you to be well aware of the issues that might be raised in the court and the amount of money you will have to pay for child support. You will have to be aware of visitation issues as well; especially when talking about custody of your child. All of this appropriate information can be found in the Fathers Rights Protection System at

An initial consultation or case analysis can help you decide asset and debt issues, as well as, child support, potential maintenance and other issues. Often a do it yourself divorce can help you look at various aspects of your married life so as to avoid such problems in the future. Keeping a cordial relationship with your “Ex” helps to avoid contempt of court for child support arrearages. Contempt of court for child support arrears will not only be an expensive affair but it will also result in causing grief to your spouse and child.     

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