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For Those in Need of RSA Courses

by anonymous

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If you work in an establishment that serves alcohol, you have no doubt been assigned to get a RSA certificate. Standing for Responsible Service of Alcohol, RSA certificates prove that you, as a server or a merchant, have an understanding of all the legal, moral and social aspects of serving alcohol to patrons. In order to get certified to serve alcohol, it is necessary for servers and other workers who serve or sell alcohol to complete a RSA courses, either in person or online. There is more than one way to take the necessary courses, allowing for different people’s needs and schedules.

Some workplaces, especially places that hire large groups of people all at once, will host RSA courses at their place of work. These classes are usually taken in person, with an instructor. Some people find these convenient because their work automatically schedules it in. The social setting of a classroom environment helps some people to learn quickly as does having an instructor on hand to answer questions and provide one-on-one assistance. However, completing RSA courses in person isn’t an option that’s available to everyone.

For people whose work does not provide RSA courses, or for people who would have difficulty scheduling a class into their already busy schedule, RSA courses are available online from a variety of different providers. Online courses have some advantages that people with busy lives can take advantage of. Online learning takes place at the student’s pace. This means that if you are having difficulty with part of a lesson, you have the option of reviewing that lesson as many times as you feel necessary.  Online courses can also be taken anywhere you want as long as you have Internet access.

Since RSA courses are a requirement, you will have to complete them and get your certificate before you will be allowed to serve or sell alcoholic beverages. Once you start working you will find that the time you spent getting your RSA certificate was more than worthwhile. People who have been drinking alcohol can be unpredictable and sometimes even disruptive, and knowing how to serve alcohol with confidence can be a tremendous help for servers and merchants alike. You will also have the tools you need to stay within the necessary legal boundaries; RSA courses can help prevent impaired driving as well as the accidental service of alcohol to minors.

Whether you’re a clerk in a liquor store, a bartender, or a server at a licensed restaurant, you’ll want to know all the ins and outs of selling alcoholic beverages. There is no substitute for the confidence that comes with knowing what to do in any given situation, even before that situation arises. Knowing that your business is completely compliant with all local laws and regulations will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your work. Whether you choose to do it in person or online, completing RSA courses is well worth your time. Find the right one for your province and get signed up today!

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