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When Can You Use a 3 Tog Sleeping Bag?

by cozytouch

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Sleeping bags are a necessary need if you are having a child of not more than 36 months. Their gentle and tender body makes them vulnerable against various kinds of diseases. These bags create a proper environment for the toddler against the temperature outside. To make their selection more specific, these bags come with a certain TOG rating that segregates their use according to different temperatures.

A 3 tog sleeping bag can be used for chilling winters seasons and during the falls. They provide the perfect warmth against the freezing temperature outside and keep the body of the baby warm. The fabric is the main item which deals with the situation here and provides the best environment for your infant. The thickness of the material provides the necessary warmth. It can be cotton or quilted material that can be used to get the best results under such circumstances.

The best time to use a 3 tog sleeping bag is therefore the winter seasons when it is practically freezing outside. The best way to determine the performance of this product is by feeling their chest that will be literally warm. Hands and legs of toddlers normally remain colder even if their body temperature is higher.

Thus you can monitor how effectively the product is working. The best thing about a 3 tog sleeping bag is that they are available for all types of seasons. You can have a different type of them for a different season to give your baby the ultimate warmth their body needs to fight against the consistently changing temperature.

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