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The Goods on Customs Brokers

by johnfloyed

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A customs broker could be your best friend and ally if you are in the importing/exporting business. Customs broker firms are companies that are licensed by the government and they are involved in approximately 80 per cent of importations. They also clear millions of shipments of imported goods, and arrange compulsory customs documentation for further millions of export shipments. Customs brokers collect billions of dollars in duties and taxes owing to the government each year.

Literally tens of thousands of importers rely on the services of customs brokers every year. The vast majority relies on the services of a licensed customs broker to facilitate clearing of their shipments at the border. For every transaction volumes of important business information must be generated, including country of origin and destinations, tariff classifications, to suppliers, routings and planned usage.

How Brokers Can Be Your Ally

For Importers, the services of a licensed customs broker can be indispensible for their shipments to clear at the ports. Normally, importers rely on customs brokers to put together that data in able to clear the goods through customs. Many importers however are learning that this is being simplistic about the process. Customs brokers these days assist importers using vital facts to their advantage, converting information into significant business data, which at times can be very strategic in nature. Customs brokers now can offer niches services to help importers create new product lines, discover new markets, assess the effects of global change, and slash costs. Finally, a customs broker permits an importer to concentrate on running a business, rather than having to worry about clearing his goods.

How Brokers Protect Your Business

More than anything, customs brokers make it simple for persons and companies to fulfil multifaceted government legislation, while also making it easier for the government to encourage and obtain compliance.

Licensed customs brokers usually have access to up-to-date and precise information on technical and operational matters that most importers are not aware of. This is crucial since it is the importer who is ultimately liable for any errors and violations, all the more underscoring the importance of having a customs broker on board your operations.
To find an appropriate customs broker, be guided by these screening questions to make sure you hire a competent person for the job.

1. Does your company have a specific area of specialization? Can you provide this information to probable clients? Can you provide membership or licensure documentation of you or your company as proof of your legitimacy?

2. Do you have understanding of and current information regarding the goods that will be imported by my business? What do you require from us to work efficiently?

3. How will we work together to make sure we are compliant with all legal requirements and responsibilities under applicable laws

4. What are your release and accounting procedures? What are my security alternatives? Will a deposit be required to cover duties and taxes?

5. Can you make available a comprehensive list of costs and payment options?

6. What data do you have concerning exporting to specific countries that I can present to my suppliers?

7. Are you allied with any overseas customs brokers? What about carriers and freight forwarders?

Bear in mind that when you start working with your new broker, things may not be too smooth at the onset. Be patient and allow time for your company and the broker to get used with each other.

Find out how a shipping company can help you streamline and import/export business or lower International Supply Chain costs with Customs Brokers

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