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The Culture Of Cheap Clothing For Men And Women

by anonymous

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Cheap is a term that is always related to with the terms "low in cost", "low rate of interest", "extremely inexpensive" and to some extent even  "poor quality" and viewed as anything unworthy of anyone's respect. Very many items in this day and age that can be sold may be categorized as either expensive or cheap. From jewellery, clothing, furniture, books, electronic gadgets, books, food and many more items fall under this sector of categorization. Malls, boutiques or supermarkets lay down the platform for sales where items are discounted at reasonable rates to attract customers from whom salesmen derive profits from. Some even discount items at very low rates such as          50 - 75% off the original price and can therefore be regarded no doubt as cheap offers. Ladies worldwide fall prey to this vast advertisement concept of cheap sales. Women always want to look unique, sleek and on top of the game when it comes to clothing. This is because marketers have created a want out of the basic need of clothing. With every upcoming occasion women take the liberty and time to shop for clothing in order to purchase the perfect outfit as per the money in their pockets at times. Some women incur debts in the light of the outfit they may be looking for with the aim of being the centre of attention. It is within human laws for man to seek attention to achieve a sense of belonging.

Celebrity moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks host talk shows that are centered on women. They emphasize on the need for women to shop for clothing with regards to what is within their budget. On their television shows, they encourage women to purchase clothing that will not cripple other basic needs that they may require. Tyra extends this slogan by advertising cheap women clothing on the runway. Men fall victim to this trap of shopping beyond their budget although it is not as handicapping as that of women. A number of efforts have also been done to advertise cheap men clothing. Almost 46% of Americans have fallen into credit card balances because of the rapid belief of expensive shopping for a place high above the high class.

Marketing researchers with the help of psychologists and anthropologists have been able to gather information of buyer’s decisions. They collect customer information mostly through observation and ethnographic methods. With such information marketers are able to gauge what women and men are willing to buy and what price ranges most customers fall in. Most research designs have proven undoubtedly that cheap clothing is preferred by both men and women. Fashion designers have also taken advantage of these findings by creating clothing that are affordable for the middle and low class in society. They recreate expensive outfits and sell them at a cheaper price catering for all social classes. Bloggers also take advantage of the existence of cheap clothes to advertise stores where one may benefit from the low prices or promotion of clothing.

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