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Basketball: A Sport That Gives You both Enjoyment and Health

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There are many advantages associated with the game basketball. Unlike other games, this game can be played all year round, and it also doesn’t take too much of space. The other advantage associated with it is that it can be played both indoor and outdoor; there are very games that fall in this category, actually.

What’s more, this just requires the participation of five players to make a side. And it doesn’t encourage moves that are violent in nature or which have the potential to harm a person physically. The game is not just limited to male players only but is for females as well. Children also enjoy it simultaneously. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that all top sports brand have one of their major endorser as a professional basketball player. No doubt, it is also one of the highest money generating games in the world.

Playing basketball is not an easy affair as one has to run continuously for the ball from one corner to the other corner of the court. Playing it takes years of training, hard work, discipline and desire. Several times it is just played in basketball camps to keep oneself fit and fine and have a good workout.

Whether playing it in a basketball camp or otherwise, playing it can result in the following health benefits:

Stamina building: The very nature of the game itself demands for high stamina from anyone. The speed of the game further makes one develop not only his speed but also his stamina. By building stamina the game also lets person build flexibility in his body movements.

Playing this game means to burn calories: Since this game allows one to be on move since the start to the finish of the game, it makes one feel tired and exhausted. This exhaustion results in burning of calories of the player. All the activities such as dribbling, shooting, defending, passing, jumping add to the perfect workout for a player.

Body toning: Basketball is one game that demands the active movements of all the body parts. So if you are doing an all round workout, the effects on body can be compared to the effects on the body of a player. The strenuous movement in game tones your body, shapes your muscle and, above all, keeps you fit.

Basketball is a game of endurance. Not only does it helps one build his body and remain in great shape but also enhance his confidence and attention level. It also promotes self discipline and compliance of rules, besides encouraging working in a team to achieve the common objective.

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