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Five Tips for Great Corporate Video Productions

by anonymous

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Corporate video productions have been around for a quite some time. However, few companies seem to have gotten the knack of creating impressive and interesting corporate videos. Many of us have been subjected to incredibly boring, staid and dull corporate videos. This is why, even a slightly creative corporate video tends to stand out among the crowd, and its viewers remember it even days after watching it.

So, how does one go about creating a creative corporate video? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

I. Create a Story: People love stories. You don’t need elaborate characters in your story, just a good beginning, middle and an end. This can help you decide on the structure of your video. It could be instructional, a narrative of the history of your company, or even the story of a particular service/product.

II. Decide on the Style of the Video: The style of the video can help make an otherwise boring subject seem super interesting. For instance, you could try animation to tell your story, if it happens to be about the history of your company. Lego, on its 80th anniversary created this animated video of its history, and it’s a great watch.

You could also try creating stop-motion animations. They might take an extra bit of effort, as they require a large number of shots to make up a short video. But, the end result, if created well, tends to be a hit. This is a great idea for instructional videos. Here is a list of stop-motion videos for inspiration.

III. Hire Professionals: It’s a good idea to hire a professional corporate video production company. You can find one according to your budget. But, do make sure that they are a reliable one. They can tell you if your ideas are feasible or not. They can also come up with better ideas. Even better, they can tell you how to make a great video within your budget.

IV. Get Opinions: When your corporate video production is ready, instead of putting it immediately into a public forum, select a group of your employees and set up a small viewing. You can collect feedback at the end, make changes- if any and then unleash your video into the public world.

V. Promote it: Corporate video productions are an excellent marketing tool. It has the potential to bring traffic to your website, which is likely to improve your site’s rankings and perhaps even convince people to engage your services, or buy your product. Use Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and milk them for all their worth.

These are pretty much the basic things you need to keep in mind when you decide to create corporate video productions. So tuck them into your mind, go forth and create.

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