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7 tips for extending the battery life of iPhone, iPad

by sinoele

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You may boast of the best gadgets in the town, but one thing which peeves most users is that the batteries often run out of charge sooner than expected. So, the frequency of charging the phone is higher than one would have liked to. Also, over time, the battery gets weak and its life shrinks rapidly. Your iPad external battery or your iPhone external battery needs to be maintained carefully so that you can elongate their life. Quite often, there are services that are turned on by default. And even though we don’t use them regularly, they keep putting more pressure to the batteries.

Here are a few tips and guidelines on how to extend the life of a battery:

Lower the brightness of the screen: This is true for every device- be it your phone or iPad or laptop. A brighter screen will consume more power. It also puts more pressure on the eye especially if you are using it in the dark. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you lower the brightness of the screen to as low as possible.

Bluetooth must be off: Some users have this habit of keeping the Bluetooth on round the clock. May be, they just don’t care to turn it off or are used to sharing files on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is essential that you change the settings and turn it off. That would ensure that you won’t have to rely so much on an iPhone emergency battery.

Turn off the Wi-Fi: Since, most people access the net through their gadgets these days, they let the Wi-Fi on even when they are not using it. This is a wrong move and puts a lot of pressure on the battery. It is advisable that you turn the Wi-Fi on only as and when you need it.

Turn off GPS: GPS feature may sound enchanting and helpful. But unless you are traveling or holidaying, it is nothing more than just a showpiece. It will put a lot more strain on the iPhone rechargeable battery than is necessary. So, unless you are in need of it, you better turn it off.

Do not keep the phone on vibration mode: If you are using a Smartphone in vibration mode, then you better know that you are doing no service to its battery. Smartphone backup batteries have to work harder when the phone is in vibration mode. On the other hand, the ringtone mode will consume less charge.

Switch off the device when not needed: It is a very common advice but one which people seldom follow. When you know that you won’t be using your phone for quite a few hours (say when you go to sleep), it would be right to switch it off completely. That would easily help you conserve the battery.

Do not put under direct sunlight: This is another basic advice which is more like a reminder. Direct sunlight can easily burn off the stored energy. To prolong the life of an iPad external battery or iPhone rechargeable battery, it is recommended that you keep them away from sun and store them in shaded or cool temperature.

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