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Avoid Serious Credit Card Debt and Get Rid of Interest Rates

by jadenallred

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Credit card debt is among the most common form of debt. It is very easy to get trapped in such; you just swipe and swipe, and before you know it, you already owe the bank thousands of dollars. No wonder more and more credit card users are being buried alive in their debts.

You have to be careful when using your credit card. Since it is very easy to swipe and pay for things using it, you have to come up with strategies so you can effectively manage your credit card expenditures. The following are some tips on how you can avoid being trapped in serious credit card debt.

Keep an Emergency Fund
Some major credit card debts are incurred during emergencies. When your car just broke down and you have no cash to send it to the repair shop, it is easy to just swipe your card so you can have it done. However, if you have an emergency fund, then you would not have to incur any more debt.

Do Not Buy Something You Cannot Afford
One of the worst things you can ever do with your credit card is to use it to pay for something that is beyond what you can afford. Do not buy something that comes in a price that's beyond what you earn. If you do, you won't be able to pay for it completely until the remaining balance keeps on increasing due to interest rates.

Settle Your Balance on Time and in Full
As a credit card owner, you should be aware that an unpaid balance will haunt you in the future. These balances left in your account will also earn you more interest, increasing your debt. That said, do not just pay your debts on time, pay in full every time, so you can avoid balances that are carried over.

Now if you can no longer control yourself from swiping, most especially to pay for things you do not really need, then you better seek expert credit counseling. It will help you learn ways on how to avoid serious credit card debt. To know more tips on how to avoid it, visit

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