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The Many Benefits of Double Sided Tape

by hazelrharris7

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Whether you need it for at-home craft projects such as sewing, scrap booking, invitations, or for industrial and manufacturing uses, double sided tape is one of the most versatile of all tapes available. Often replacing glue in projects, double sided tape has adhesive on both sides of a carrier material. If you have been searching for, and are interested in, the various uses and features of double sided tape we are going to take a few moments to outline a few of them. We hope that this information proves to be useful and beneficial for you, regardless of the project or use you have in mind for it.

Let's start with personal at-home use. In small personal projects, double sided tape has proven to be immensely useful. Take for example craft projects. Those who enjoy creating items for their children, or who run a small craft business, use it to join together pieces and parts that will not or cannot accept glue. Glue is not practical for materials like balsa wood, cloth or paper. Children too can find it useful when putting together toy models. Those who engage in scrap booking, or who are actively involved in sewing projects find it to be a great way to secure items. Some even use it to join together pieces of wooden picture frames, and in some cases for applying pictures to the wall.

Many of the most skilled gift wrappers, such as those hired at department stores during the Christmas season, utilise double sided tape to join the paper in a seamless fashion. You will even find it used on wedding, holiday and party invitations, as well as greeting cards. For clothing, it is useful for temporarily holding together a torn seam, and one will often find a mother or grandmother carrying around a little double sided tape for emergencies. For women who wear a strapless gown or other loose garments, a form of double sided tape known as lingerie tape is important to keep the garment in place to prevent the dreaded "wardrobe malfunction".

In an industrial setting, where manufacturing is often involved, double sided tape has proven indispensable in maintaining daily operations. It has been used on broken machinery as a stop-gap measure until the item can be properly repaired. Manufacturers often use it to join two sides of sheet metal, including street signs or display signs. Just as with craft projects, there are ultra-high bond double sided tapes that can outperform many types of industrial glues. You will often find experienced technicians using it to seal cracks in boats or pipes, and other areas where a waterproof seal is required, and in various types of auto body work.

Double sided tape is available in many different types including metallic, fabric, paper, polyethylene and PVC foam, silicone and rubber. Each type is utilised for different projects and in different areas. For those who need it, they are also available in a wide array of colours and sizes.

Double sided tape is one of the most versatile products available, and is something you should have on hand at all times.



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