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How do I pack my glass and breakable items?

by mike460

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While shifting or shipping any item the basic concern that hits is whether my glassware or other fragile items are safe enough and remain intact in the entire transportation process. One does a lot screening while buying such items and would not want any damage to take place. In this article Rochester commercial movers will be giving some packaging tips for such breakable and fragile commodities.


Among the category of such items, glassware are the most vulnerable and fragile item. The key up here is how well it’s well wrapped in the packaging box. Let’s take an example of a china plate from your collection. Start with wrapping each by bubble wrap first. These bubble wraps provide the cushioning effect and resists any sort of pressure exerted. One by one pick up the plates and wrap in the same manner. Properly tape each plate for a good hold. Start placing them on each other one by one. it between the plates you could either add paper or even a soft cardboard to avoid rubbing between them. Stack all the plates and cover them with a bubble wrap. Properly tape them and cover them with a thin plastic covering. Keep packing with it unless the plates become unmovable in them.

Once you are done with stack packing, place them a packaging box. To give them cushion effect add crumbled papers all over and you could also add groundnut in the bottom to avoid hitting from the base directly. Pack the packaging box with a thick tape and write “BREAKABLE ITEM” or “FRAGILE” over it. Rochester movers says that if you are done with packing by following the above steps then your glassware is the last thing you need to worry about.

Electronic items

Electronic items are comparatively stronger then the glassware but could be damaged which would be beyond repair. You will start with removing all the connection wires first. Fold the wires in a pattern and pack them with a plastic bag. Now tape the closing. Pick the electronic item. Warp it with a bubble wrapping first. Now tape it well. If you want to give an extra protection pack that bubble wrapped item with a plastic sheet, till it becomes tight. If you have the original boxes then they must have come with a hard support for its three sides. Once that is done place them in the box and tape it. In case you don’t have the original packing box, place crumbled paper all over the box, put them in the sides as well and then pack. Tape the box and your packaging box is ready.

Rochester mover guarantees that if one follows all the above the steps then your fragile items will remain safe through the shifting and transportation, and will reach safely. For more information call your Rochester movers now!!!

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