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Music As An Educational Tool

by anonymous

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Have you ever noticed how children can pick up the lyrics for a song word for word? When music is used in early development there is a direct correlation with many cognitive functions, including memory. It has been proven time after time that music has a significant impact on the creative abilities of a child as well as spatial reasoning and cognition. This is the primary reason why personalized children’s music CDs are so important as a learning tool.

Up until the age of about six, a child is extremely impressionable in their mind and ears. It is at this time that their mind opens up and absorbs everything that comes their way, just like a sponge. A child processes things differently than an adult, including music. Music, along with many other disciplines, including language become increasingly more difficult when the window of childhood slams shut.

Up until the age of six, this period is called the music babble stage; it is an extremely important time in a child’s life. The music babble stage is not unlike the language babble stage, it gives the child the opportunity to unscramble the images that he or she may have of music aurally and put them into a cultural perspective. When a child is an integral part of this process through personalized children’s music CDs, he or she becomes integrated into a wider culture.

Research seems to support the theory that music has a positive effect on other areas of the brain. As many areas within the brain overlap so to speak, it is thought that stimulation of the brain through music promotes the development of other cognitive tasks which are somewhat related.

There is other research that points to an academic link between positive exposure to personalized children’s music CDsand long term success in school. One study examined the Mozart Effect, it suggests that there is a link between the physical and mental well being of a child when positively influenced by music. Strangely, this effect is shown not only in children but also in adults, this is one of the reasons that therapeutic programs offer include music in the strategy to promote over-all well being.

There will always be those who doubt the value of music in children but one thing that cannot be doubted is the thrill that children get when hearing their name wrought into it.


DH Books are your online source for personalized children’s music CDs. Children get very excited when they hear their name sung in songs that perhaps they already recognize, these CDs rapidly become a favorite learning aid for them.

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