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Floor is the first and most important part of every household. The first thing that everyone notices on entering a house is their flooring. A perfectly clean floor leaves its impact on the people for a really long time. So naturally, it becomes very important to take care of your floor. While there are a number of products available in the market for this purpose, it is necessary to choose the best product in order to get maximum results from it. Moreover, a nice floor never hurts. Whether it is wooden, marble, tile, granite or any other type of flooring, mopping is the best method to keep them fresh and clean during all times. Mopping is the process of cleaning the floor of your household with a mixture of water or any other water soluble cleanser along with a long brush.

While a wide variety of mops are available in the market, only you can choose a perfect one for your household. The type of flooring in your house is the deciding factor on which mop to invest in. One such variety of mops is the Easy mop. It is a set of a combination of a micro fibre mop as well as bucket. The bucket comes with a foot pedal operated wringer. This wringer allows you to clean your floor effortlessly and in lesser time. One advantage of using them is that they can be used on almost every kind of floor, including wooden as well as laminated floors as well. Moreover, the mop is made up of fine quality super absorbent strings which help in absorption. Different from the mops available in the market, easy mops have a triangular base which makes it easier to clean each and every corner of your house. Apart from this, the pivoted head of the mop allows it to reach beneath the furniture in your house. This means that you do not have to lie down or do a lot of hard work to get rid of dust from beneath the furniture in your house. Apart from cleaning, these kinds of mops are also very efficient in drying the floor. Next time you spill something on to your floor, simply take out your mop and absorb all the spilled material in just a few seconds.

Another kind of mops that are immensely efficient in cleaning your house is the Cloth mops. These types of mops do not come with any bucket or other equipments. This mop is ideal for cleaning stubborn dirt, spills, hair as well as other such particles from your kitchen, bathroom as well as the hallway. They contain smart fibre zones in their strings and this helps in releasing the absorbed particles into water. This is one of a kind of mop that can be machine washed as well. An additional feature of these mops is their differentiated red and blue micro fibre zones. The red zones are supposed to clean the tougher dirt marks from the floor, while the blue micro fibre zones are ideal for removing greasy dirt from the floor.


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