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Studies Reveal a Plain White T-Shirt Makes Men More Attracti

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Scientists at Nottingham Trent University in Great Britain, are claiming that women find men wearing a plain white t-shirt 12% more attractive. The reason for this is that a plain white t-shirt can give the impression that shoulders are broader and that the waist is slimmer and this gives the illusion of a more v-shaped body.

Can clothing really be so powerful?

So what do you think? Can a simple white t-shirt really make men more attractive to members of the opposite sex? We might be doing some independent research this weekend ourselves! It does make us wonder how clothes on a man can raise his profile and how he is noticed through life. Perhaps you have a favorite designer shirt that always guarantees success with the opposite sex, or perhaps it's your lucky pair of jeans. It is true that clothing can make us feel better about ourselves and more confident. When we feel more confident it often makes us appear more attractive too.

The studies by Nottingham Trent University also included men wearing a white t-shirt with a black inverted "T" printed on it. This actually made the same men who had been wearing the plain white t-shirt slightly less attractive. This was because the inverted "T" gave the impression of a wider waistline. We humans are so fickle!

What does your clothing say about you?

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