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Laravel: Is It Really Clean and Classy?

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php development IndiaUndoubtedly, one of the most popular languages used for web development is PHP, powering 20 million web domains. It is the best suited language which suffices the needs of all kinds of businesses. Developers enjoy using this open-source general-purpose scripting language. They choose PHP because it has a large and robust community where they are assured that their programming questions, issues and problems will have definite solutions from blogs, online forums and other expert opinion. In addition, frequent and regular updates in versions ensure that the bugs of the previous versions are removed and refined newer versions are born. PHP powers an absolutely vast, almost cosmic number of websites including mammoth websites like Wikipedia and Facebook!

How cool is that to learn and master over such languages where great sites depend on. One can blindly believe PHP can make their websites richer, customized and creative using PHP frameworks. PHP frameworks are a great way to increase programming efficiency, as per the requirements of the project. It is in the hands of the PHP programmers to choose a PHP framework that would work best for their project.

Let us discuss in detail about a new PHP framework – Laravel. Laravel gives a standardized platform for building web applications. It is young, promising, but it uses a lot of patterns & best practices one needs for its business use. Laravel has a well fabricated toolbox which allows to write less code, with less risk of error. And using this framework, developers can build websites with greater value and productivity, such as managing guiding principles, side effects, etc. A structured approach is followed using this framework, using best practices and standards where complex websites can be efficiently deployed. It is well said that Laravel is for web artisans and creative craftsman where wonderful applications can be built with less code and expressive syntax which gets easier for programmers who build complex apps with cleaner and understandable code.

Laravel is a starting to become a buzzword among professional developers and beginners as it builds with less repetitive code. Its high-level abstractions of common web development patterns, convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks, and clear conventions for problem solving makes it easy to use and maintain.

Features of PHP Laravel Framework:

  • The MVC architecture: The model is the component which is responsible for communicating with the database. The View uses its own Blade templating engine which gives us clean and readable code. The controller retrieves all of the entries in the table to list them, information of a specific entry with a given id, deletes an entry with a given id, compose sa form to add a new entry and adds the new entry to the database and compose a message to confirm the addition.
  • Routing system: It allows to create links to named routes. When creating links just use the route's name and Laravel will automatically insert the correct URI. This allows to change routes at a later time and Laravel will update all of the relevant links site-wide. Making it more clean and simple.
  • Eloquent ORM: It is the most advanced PHP ActiveRecord implementation available. With the capacity to easily apply constraints to both relationships and nested eager-loading having control over data with all of the conveniences of ActiveRecord. Eloquent natively supports all of the methods from Laravel's Fluent query-builder.
  • Unit Testing: Laravel comes with PHPUnit testing out of the box testing help. It is widely considered to have some of the most stable releases in the industry. Laravel also makes it easy for anyone to write unit-tests for their own code.
  • Authentication: It has a basic library that need to configure before using. Having various lib functions and details which help many programmers to render clean and simple applications quickly.
  • Caching: Laravel on the other hand supports those and also database tables and Redis. It also has filters.
  • Configuration: Configuration is done via predefined arrays stored in config files which support multiple environments in both frameworks.
  • Migrations: Database migrations are specific for Laravel, a concept borrow from Ruby on Rails which is versioning at the database level.
  • Auto Pagination: Laravel's pagination system was designed to be easy to implement and easy to change. It's also important to note that just because Laravel can handle these things automatically.

Indeed with all the above features, Laravel framework is awesome and has a huge community which grows with the craze of the technology. It is becoming popular for its classic, unique architecture, where developers create their own infrastructure that is specifically designed for their application. This may be most beneficial to large projects such as content-management-systems.

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