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How to source ingredients for your French dishes in Australi

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French cuisine is the favorite food for many people in Australia – and with good reason because French food is really delicious and worth trying out if you like to cook. However one problem that Australian cooks may encounter is trying to get the right ingredients for the dishes they intend to copy from French cookbooks. The good thing is that there are some online suppliers who may offer to deliver ingredients (such as the best butter in Australia) right to your location.

French cuisine falls into different cooking categories depending on what dish you intend to cook. One aspect of French cuisine that not many newbies know is that Italian cuisine has heavily influenced French cuisine based on the history of the two countries. Portuguese cooking has also somewhat influenced French cooking. Many people associate French cuisine with good wine so if you are trying out a dish on your own you might have to serve it with good French wine as well to make the dining experience more authentic.

One dish that French cuisine has gained worldwide acclaim for is foie gras though animal rights activists have denounced the preparation of the dish as being cruel to animals. This is because foie gras is created by force feeding ducks with special feeds so that their liver becomes fatty (which is why it is called foie gras – this is French for “fatty liver”). If you find that this dish is not to your liking then you can also sample other types of French food instead such as hors d’oeuvres or French desserts. Take note that French food makes heavy use of butter so you may want to look for the best butter in Australia to make your dishes authentic and better tasting.

The use and consumption of wine in French cooking is believed to be one reason that the French do not have high rates of heart disease despite the fact that they have fatty dishes and use butter and cream a lot in their dishes. There are vintners who specialize in supplying only the best in French wine around the world so you will have a wide variety of French wine to choose from. In fact there are so many good varieties being exported from France nowadays that you might find yourself overwhelmed. You may check French cookbooks on advice on which type of wine goes well with your favored dishes if you need more advice.

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