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Freshening up an Outdated Kitchen and Bath in Annapolis

by kristopherdiss

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History buffs are sure to find inspiration no matter what time or day they pay Annapolis a visit. This state capital has a throng of architectural structures from the 18th century that make it a historic jewel in the crown of Maryland. There are even residential and commercial buildings in the area that bear old-fashioned designs, remaining good examples of Annapolis’ rich culture.

For residents whose tastes run in the contemporary though, home improvement is inevitable. For more modern homes with outdated sets of annapolis kitchen and bath, for example, there are things that can be done to spruce said rooms up. It will not be a complete makeover, but it can sure make a whole lot of difference to the appearance of two of the more frequented areas in the house.

For the kitchen, a can or two of cream, gray, or tan paint can liven up this room. To complete the change of ambience from dark to light, kitchen cabinets and cupboards can also be treated with bright finishes. A new linoleum or wallpaper can do wonders for the kitchen’s look as well.

If the budget allows, a professional contractor can be hired for more permanent improvements in the so-called heart of the home. Granite countertops can be installed, while some areas can be renovated to create more elbow room. Fixtures like overhead lighting can work to update the kitchen, too.

For the bath, neutral shaded paints can create an illusion of space if this area feels a little cramped. A new bathroom mirror in a wooden frame complements a painted oak vanity. A contemporary toilet in a color that is not too loud can help finish off an updated bath you are aiming for.

Embellishing a kitchen and bath in Annapolis does not need to cost much, even when a homeowner decides to get the services of a builder. There are materials that could last for many years yet do not need thorough maintenance or replacement. To know what these materials are, the expertise of a contractor will greatly help. For more tips on updating an outdated home through kitchen and bath renovations, check out and

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