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Eye Floaters: What should be Your First Step?

by emzhernandez61

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Do you remember observing floating gray or black lines, dots and others when you stare at something bright? They are called eye floaters. They do not cause pain or discomfort but they can be bothersome especially when they are large enough to produce a shadow over your sight and to bring about large, dark spot in your vision. Eye floaters are within your eyes’ fluid; hence, they move whenever your eyes move. Do you think you will necessitate the help of an eye specialist in Arizona?

Some people live with them as if they are not there. Eye floaters recover over time; some, however, function as indications that you have a more serious health condition. Get immediate help from an ophthalmologist, especially when the number of floaters improves, when flashes of light go with them, and when you suffer a loss of side vision. If you will not seek professional help immediately, you may be affected by permanent vision loss.

Call your eye doctor for visit. However, make some preparations prior to scheduled date of visit to make sure that you remember everything. Primarily, write down the symptoms that you have encountered and continue to experience. If there are events when you see less and more of eye floaters pay attention to these so your ophthalmologist will examine what triggers you to see fewer and more floaters. Take note of the names of the medications you take on a regular basis like vitamins and supplements. He may give you advice to cease taking some of them as they may affect your issue or he may tell you to go on with them. In some cases, he may see if these medicines may affect your case or not or he may try to find out the consequences if you discontinue these prescribed drugs, specifically if they serve as your maintenance for a chronic or long-term condition.

Surely you have a lots of questions in your mind. Don't trouble yourself, you can ask these to your eye specialist. To ensure that you do not forget a single query, keep a note so you can write them down. In case a new question pops in your mind, add it to your list.

During your initial consult, your doctor, on the other hand, may request information like when did you start encountering symptoms and if it has been ongoing or just temporary. He may also find out if the numbers of eye floaters you see have increased significantly from the time you see them or not. Your eye doctor may also inquire if you have undergone eye surgery or if you have previous eye condition and what did you do with it. More valuable, he will find out if you have health conditions like high blood pressure.

Your full cooperation is needed for your cure. You should give as much info as you can to aid your eye specialist in Arizona to design an effective treatment method for your eye floaters.


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