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Some Drawbacks of USB Thumb Drive

by anonymous

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As soon as USB flash drive appeared on the scene, it revolutionized the concept of data storage and made it extremely mobile. This portable data storing device was smaller, faster, more reliable and had the ability to store much more data than an ordinary floppy drive. The world was taken by surprise by this small data storing device, this device was as small as a human thumb that is why it was also called thumb drive or jump drive. Later on, when people started using it on a mass level, a dark side of this USB flash drive started appearing. The biggest drawback of this device was its biggest advantage, i.e. its size. There were many incidents reported of getting the USB drive lost or stolen.

Since the introduction of USB flash drives till now, it imposes the same threat of data leakage due to its small size. As these portable data storing devices have an extraordinary capacity to save data, a USB drive leaks a huge amount of confidential data when lost. As the surveys and studies suggest, hundreds and thousands of USB flash drives are lost or stolen every year that leak data worth millions of Dollars. You just cannot simply put all the blame on tiny existence of the jump drive for losing data, people do not follow proper security measures that is why when they lose a portable drive, they breach their whole data. The computer users who use USB flash drive as their storing device need to use security software that can secure USB .

USB drives do not only spill out data when they are lost or misplaced insecurely, these devices are also used by cyber criminals to infect the computers. According to experts, more than quarter of viruses are spread through USB flash drives. Studies have revealed that if a hundred people are given an unknown USB drive, more than fifty of them will plug in the drive in their computer without even thinking about the security threats. These alien USB drives often prove to be a cause of injecting the virus in the computer. These viruses provide a gateway to the cyber criminals to enter the computer and steal desired confidential data.

The recent incident of Snowden also highlighted another drawback of the USB flash drive. Snowden publicized some very confidential information of the secret services. The information he leaked made him the target of the many powerful personalities of the world. That will be astonishing to many of you that Snowden simply used a USB flash drive to steal the sensitive data of the secret services. USB jump drive is now available in a number of shapes and sizes that makes it extremely easy to hide and carry. Recognizing a rectangular shaped USB drive will be easy, but, a USB flash drive in the shape of a toy ball cannot be pointed out so easily. USB flash drive is an extremely convenient tool to carry data; however, it is not much of a secured way of holding it around.

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