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Social Work for Social Good

by halabolteam

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Social good can work wonder for any society. Social workers engross themselves in various social activities to make the world a better place for the destitute. A social worker is a person who is keen to understand the problems and harshness of their lives in order to come up with some life changing solutions and mostly promotes disadvantaged people by helping them for the betterment of their lives. Making efforts towards uplift of the underprivileged in society, by providing social services such as guidance, donations, assistance, counseling aid etc is what is defined to be social work.

It's a line of work for those who have a strong aspiration to lend a hand the people in order to make their lives better-off. These workers lend a hand some dejected people by solving the problems, which more often than not turn them down for instance personal issues and family breakdowns. They also help people who face unemployment, disabilities, poverty, social issues and fatal diseases for social good. They help to the deserving people in their calamities and troubles and offer them proper guidance. They also help orphan and poor children who don't have proper homes. They help them through education, government funds and treatments. On the other hand, they arrange adoptions to help parents who don't have children.

However, social work for social good is not just an individual initiative anymore. Social work needs to be more organized and more functional by assessing the needs of the world at large. There is big requirement for more organizational and professional approach for this purpose. That is why the past few decades have seen a transformation in this field. Rather than a mere personal urge to help the humanity, it has developed more as a profession.

Any individual who intends to take up social work for social good as an occupation, because of his passion for humanity must have a basic degree for that. Social workers are required to have a bachelor's degree in social work; some organizations even require a master's degree in social work for certain entry level positions in most of the countries. Private practice in this field requires a state certification, along with a master's degree and work experience. This is why social work today is more effective and organized. In times of disaster, these welfare organizations are the first to assist.

Social workers try to restore or improve the social functioning of individuals and communities therefore they play a very important role in society for social good. They can be called social workers as well as professional helpers. This profession is worldwide appreciated as help and support is provided to the disadvantaged people and it is in demand especially in the developing countries.

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Halabol is an online platform which aims at bringing like minded people together and making an impact collectively. Thus, help in supporting and solving various social problems which we rather neglect otherwise. Halabol allows you not make any more excuses. Team Halabol has written several articles on issues related to social good, animal rights, animal abuse, environment, minorities, education, youth
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