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The Most Exhilarating GP Places

by sebastianbyrne

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The Singapore GP is the only race on the calendar which is run at night, making it one of the most interesting and searched for of them all.

This event was initially called the Orient Year Grand Prix, later on as the Malaysian Grand Prix, and then in 1965 was once again relabelled after Singapore acquired self-reliance. In 1973 it was required to cancel the race totally, for a variety of issues. These troubles were caused by the trouble of closing roads already overrun with vehicles, big hikes in oil rates and the occurrence of bad mishaps throughout the events of 72 and 73 . Eventually it was announced that this event would resume in 2008, but now run at night VIP Grand Prix package holidays.

The Singapore Grand Prix is likewise famous for its concerts throughout the event, featuring world-famous artists, with the 2013 event featuring such names as Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Tom Jones, The Killers, and Bob Geldof VIP areas.

The Marina Bay track is 3,148 miles long and weaves around the harbour location from the east of city centre, making use of the city roads as its course, in a comparable design to Monaco. The initial design came from Hermann Tilke, a German Formula One circuit designer, and has 14 left bends and 10 right, with the race run in an anticlockwise plan. More than the 61 laps of this course, racers can reach high speeds of more than 300 kms per hour, while in different components a slower speed as reduced as 80 is essential, as at the Anderson Bridge.

Modern day Formula One automobiles have virtually zero in common with routine road cars, and much in common with jet fighters, as aerodynamics are a essential function of these amazing machines. Tens of millions of dollars are invested on research and development every year in this field.

F1 pilots need more than driving abilities to negotiate the curves on tracks, where simply brakes and steering are not nearly enough. ABS anti-skid systems are not permitted in Formula One racing, so F1 drivers cannot gain from this innovation.

Not only sophisticated driving skills are needed to be able to contend in Formula One races, in fact drivers should be exceptionally in shape and very well conditioned athletes, in order to have the ability to endure the requirements needed for these single-seat automobiles.

The inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was run in November 2009; making it among the latest to be contributed to the F1 calendar. The track at the Yas Marina Track was designed by Hermann Tilke of Germany. This inaugural race was the first to be designated a day and night race, as it started at 5pm and advanced after dark, with the floodlights lighted from the beginning to facilitate transitioning. These start and end times have actually continued for all races at this location since, and this day-night Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has become called the last race of the F1 year.

2012 saw a surprise in the 3rd place podium for Sebastian Vettel of Germany, as he had actually begun off the grid and in the pit lane, so penalized after disqualification from qualification with inadequate fuel- Finland's Kimi Raikkonen won the race, with Spaniard Fernando Alonso in second.

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