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8 Valuable Tips to Find An Expert, Reliable Grain Exporter

by anonymous

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For sourcing grains and seeds of the highest quality, getting in touch with a reliable exporter is an absolute must. While there is no real dearth in the number of grain exporters in India, you need to factor in certain considerations – while comparing among them, and choosing the best one. We would here focus our attention on eight important tips for finding an ideal grain exporter for your business:

  1. Presence in the market – The credibility of an exporting firm that has been in this line of business for a fair few years is likely to be higher than any new, upstart firm. Find out from the websites of the leading grain and fertilizer exporters in your city/town, about how long they have been operating in a professional capacity. Choose the one that seems to be the most trustworthy.
  2. Quality of products – Irrespective of whether you are looking for a wheat, yellow corn, or chickpeas exporter – you need to make sure that the products supplied by the latter is of optimal quality. To ensure this, ask for a sample of the seeds/grains/fertilizers – before putting in a bulk order. Buying sub-standard products can result in huge losses!
  3. Range of items on offer – Choose a grain exporter who deals with a vast array of fertilizers, seeds, and other related products. The firm should be able to serve as a DAP or a soybean oil exporter, and the supplier of any other grains that you might have a requirement for. That way, you won’t need to contact multiple exporters for your varied requirements.
  4. Look for licenses and permits – Make sure that the exporter you have selected has all the requisite papers and permits, to operate in a professional capacity in your locality. Find out whether the business operations followed by the firm are transparent, and are in accordance with the industry best practices.
  5. Retain a hard copy of the service contract – Once you have got in touch with a soybean oil, fertilizer, or chickpeas exporter – request for a detailed, written copy of the service contract. The order details, delivery date, prices, and other such pertinent information should all be clearly mentioned in the contract. Avoid companies that have concealed charges on their grains.
  6. Punctuality of delivery – Sourcing grains in a timely manner is important – and you need to deal with a grain exporter that can fulfill product orders within pre-specified deadlines. If any of your peers/colleagues have sourced material from an exporter in the recent past, ask them whether the company had delivered products on time. Check the client testimonials that are often present on the website of the exporter firm as well.
  7. Grain treatment and storage – Do not be in a tearing hurry to get into transactions with a soybean oil exporter, or the supplier of any other grains and/or fertilizers. Go on a visit to its grain treatment facility, to find out the method in which they prepare and pack their products. Make sure that proper quality standards are maintained while storing the grains as well.
  8. Easy communicability options – Note down the contact details (email addresses, registered office addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc.) of the grain exporter you are planning to hire. Communicate directly with the representatives of the company, before actually delegating your order to it. In case there are any urgent changes to be made in your grain order, you should be able to inform the exporter about the same immediately.

Ideally, get the products supplied by a soybean oil, maize, or chickpeas exporter (the supplier of any grains, for that matter) inspected by a third-party quality analyst. Compare among the price quotes provided by at least 4 professional grain exporters, to find out which one among them would give you the best deal. Keep the above tips in mind while looking for a fertilizer and grain exporter – and make sure that all your business deals are fruitful!

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