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What can a facelift do?

by gregore

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Facelift Surgery Provides a Fresh Look and a Fresh Outlook

A facelift is a rejuvenating procedure that provides you with a more youthful appearance. As we age, our skin on our faces loses elasticity and will begin to sag, wrinkle and develop fine lines. While it is an ideal procedure for bringing back the youthful glow, in addition, a younger looking appearance will boost your self-esteem and your overall confidence. Both men and women can benefit from a facelift. If you are between the ages of forty and seventy, in good health, are willing to give up tobacco and alcohol prior to the procedure, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery, then you are a good candidate for the surgery.

An experienced facelift surgeon in Houston will offer the best results. He or she can make your facial skin tighter, firm, and smooth. This can take ten or more years from your appearance. A facelift is effective at addressing common age related issues, including:

• Lines and wrinkles

• Creases between the eyes

• Dropped eyebrows

• Muscle strength in the lower face that causes jowls

• The furrow below the lower eyelids

• A double chin

In a facelift surgical treatment, the cosmetic surgeon elevates the face tissue, along with the foundational muscles to a more flattering point. Extra skin and tissue are eliminated. The incisions are hidden around the ear and are unnoticeable. Any surgery poses potential risks and complications. A qualified and experienced plastic surgeon will minimize the risks, allowing for a safe and rewarding enhancement of what genetics has provided you.

This surgery is among the most effective and safest approaches to eliminating wrinkles and other age related issues that impact your physical features. A talented and experienced cosmetic surgeon can easily enhance your visual appeal. Getting a facelift will provide you with a fresh new outlook. Imagine looking in the mirror every day and greeting a brand new you. Your mood will improve, and your self-confidence will soar. A facelift is a personal choice, one that you should make for yourself and not anyone else.

If you would like to discuss a facelift procedure, or any other cosmetic surgery, please get in touch with Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a Plastic, Cosmetic, & Reconstruction surgical center and servicing patients in Houston and the surrounding areas. We will gladly schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Hsu, our lead surgeon. Dr. Hsu is an award winning board certified plastic surgeon committed to providing exemplary care to our patients. Our state of the art facility is designed with patient comfort and care in mind. In the course of the preliminary consultation, Dr. Hsu will explore the procedural particulars with you, and help you make a well-informed choice. He will suggest the type of facelift most suited to your needs. No matter what your age, you can still achieve a fresh new look, and a fresh new outlook.

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